Training Programs

Training Programs

MAGEC offers a variety of workshops, trainings and seminars for health care professionals who serve the elderly. The continuing education sessions are offered throughout the entire year and in different venues located in the South and East coast area of Florida. MAGEC is a Continuing Education Units provider and has implemented several education programs including Advances in Geriatrics Seminars, the Intensive Geriatric Training, Faculty Training Program, Training on Aging Sensitivity and the Distance Learning Program.

Faculty Education:The Age Scholars Program

Who is eligible to participate?

- Faculty wishing to enhance their knowledge of best practices in the care of older adults

- Physicians, nurses, social workers, psychologists, other faculty in health professional disciplines

- Responsible for research, teaching or training in geriatrics

- Willing to work as interprofessional team members

MAGEC is pleased to announce the Age Scholars Program. This innovative, individualized program will offer selected faculty participants the opportunity for 160 hours of targeted training from a menu of geriatric learning opportunities and a 1:1 mentored career development experience with expert geriatric faculty. Each participant’s program will be tailored to meet the individual’s desired educational goal. Some examples of these outcomes might include: acquiring grant-writing skills, producing geriatric articles for publication, creating geriatric training curricula, or initiating a course/program in geriatrics, among others. To obtain a program application and more information send an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Advances in Geriatric Seminars

This quarterly program examines current and future trends in geriatric health care. The Advances in Geriatrics Seminars includes sessions on issues such as: elder abuse and mistreatment, falls prevention, end of life issues and ethics, healthy older people in the community, elder health care concerns, aging in place, and disaster preparedness for seniors, Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.

Intensive Geriatric Training

This is a 40-hour comprehensive inter-professional geriatric team training program for health care providers and practitioners from 15 different health disciplines. The first 20-hour session, offered over three consecutive days annually, involves participants in an interdisciplinary team approach to primary geriatric care. The second 20-hour session, offered over three separate days, is discipline-specific. Subject emphasis will vary with each discipline.

Distance Learning

To increase professional training and learning opportunities, MAGEC offers online courses for CEU credits through the new Distance Learning Program which offers archived video-streamed educational sessions, webinars, on-line courses, and blended programs combining real-time interactive teleconferencing and on-site training.

Training in Aging Sensitivity

The aging sensitivity training is provided at the annual Intensive Geriatric Training and is designed to allow participants to experience simulated age-related declines in function (sensory, physical, and mental). As an important part of the training, participants also discuss the impact of these declines on elders and reach a better understanding of the special needs of older adults. Over the years, MAGEC has been very successful in its efforts to provide aging sensitivity training to medical students, licensed health care providers, law enforcement officers, and elementary and high school students. Currently, we are expanding this training and offering the workshop to for-profit and non-profit institutions such as hospitals, HMO’s, and governmental units such as the Department of Elder Affairs.

This training is provided as The Aging Game, and is reported by participants to be one of our most impactful activities. It is an interactive simulation training that teaches through experience. It may be adapted for any size group and conducted in any setting.

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